Announcement 20 August 2013

To our most valued client:

Technical Financial Services would like to take this time to thank you for being a loyal customer, and for being patient with us, as we are transforming and trying to keep up to date with all of SARS’ new legalisations and changes that have been implemented.

As vast as they are, we are abreast with all these new changes and are being trained to ensure that we provide the service you as our client deserves.

Even with the hiccups along the way, our systems and SARS database (eFiling) have and are being changed to meet the necessary requirements stipulated by SARS, even to the point where Technical Financial Services is now part of SAIT, the South African Institute of Tax Practitioners.

With these renewed changes, we had to implement certain requests from you. Firstly the Engagement Letters, which were sent out with our monthly statements, and we urge you to kindly fill those forms in for all forms of entities that you have with us. Kindly take note, that without the Engagement Letters we legally cannot perform any form of work for you as our client, and will have to by the end of August 2013, suspend work until such time as the engagement letters have been received, and signed.

Should you have filled in the form already, thank you for your prompt response in this matter, and should you require the form, as you have not received it, kindly inform us, in order to ensure that you receive the form and return it to us at your earliest convenience.

With the engagement letter, attached to it was a page where we requested that you update your details with us.

The rest, have been handled by Technical Financial Services, and if needed, further information will be requested from you.

As SARS has changed the Tax laws, we urge to become better informed with all the related tax laws, such as Value-Added Tax, Customs Laws, Pay As You Earn laws, and should you wish to discuss or confirm something relating to these laws, please feel free to contact us. We shall also try to inform you of such, should we see any discrepancies or if you need to be made aware of these changes.

Furthermore, on our new website, we are going to be implementing that any changes made by SARS, or some form of vital information will be posted to our website.

With these changes made by SARS, and the requirements and time it now takes to complete certain tasks done for you, we have to increase our prices accordingly.

The price increase will be implemented as such as from the 1st of September 2013:

  • Individual Tax Returns
    A price increase of 15% (fifteen percent) on current charge
  • Annual Financial Statements
    A price increase of 10% (ten percent) on current charge, however, the tax return submitted with the financial statement will no longer be included in the charge, and will be charged separately when the tax return is submitted and will be charged on the classification of the entity.
  • All other fees will increase by 10% (ten percent), excluding CIPC Annual Returns.
  • CIPC Annual Returns will not increase, and we kindly ask that you take note, that the fee charged for CIPC Annual Returns are charged according to the turnover of the entity as stipulated by the Companies Intellectual Property Commissioner.

Furthermore, we ask that you take note of the paragraph titled “Fees” within your engagement letter, and we urge that you adhere to paying for all invoices on presentation.

Thank you for your patience and loyalty.

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